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  • How do I book a photoshoot?
    You can book your shoot by contacting me via any contact form on the website, or you can email me on
  • What should I wear?
    Try and wear solid colours, preferably colours that compliment your skin tone and hair colour. If you would like to wear a print, try and stick to a 2-colour print. I'd recommend coordinating your colours and outfit, so that they are similar, but aren't the exact same. Wear something you feel comfortable in, that makes you feel gorgeous. Try to wear minimal makeup, so that you can look natural. This will give you the best results from your photos.
  • How do I choose a location?
    The location of your shoot is very important. The real question is, "What sort of feel do you want your images to have?" This is the most important question, as it will dictate the location. The below points are a guideline, but you can always speak to me to find where your perfect location may be: 1) Decide on a theme 2) Choose your lighting, morning or evening 3) How convenient is it to get to the location? 4) Does the location feel like 'you'?
  • How many people can I have in one shoot?
    It would depend on the shoot you would like to have. You can check in with me to confirm how many people will be at the shoot, and what type would be best suited. Fear not, I don't mind shooting bigger groups, it just requires more preparation and time!
  • What happens if I cannot make it to my booked shoot?
    Please get in touch with me as soon as possible, so that we can make another arrangement. Depending on when your booked shoot is in relation to when you are wanting to rebook, there may be a rebooking fee. If you would like to cancel the shoot, there will be a penalty fee, dependant on when you are cancelling the shoot. It is always best to let me know in advance to avoid any extra fees.
  • My pet is not trained, can I still do a shoot with them?"
    Yes! Photos with your pet always look better when they are natural. And with you there, we can always use treats, toys and any key words that excite your pet to get THAT photo. I love all animals, and will always do my utmost to bring out the best in them.
  • I want to do a type of shoot which isn't listed on the site, can I still book it?"
    Yes, of course, just get in touch with me and we can discuss what exactly you are looking for and we can arrange to book your shoot. I am always open to new ideas and possibilites.
  • How many photos do I get after the shoot?
    The number of photos you get after the shoot will depend on the type of shoot, as well as how long the shoot is. I will provide an expected number of photos you would get from the shoot prior to receiving payment from you, so that you know what to expect.
  • I am uncomfortable in front of the camera, but I really want a shoot. What should I do?"
    Getting to know you will always be the best starting point, because if you are more comfortable with me, you start to feel more comfortable in front of the camera. Sometimes a slightly longer shoot will help with this, as you start to feel more comfortable with me and the camera as the shoot goes on. Being comfortable in the space you are having the shoot is also very important, and will help you to feel more relaxed. I will also hype you up and make sure that you know you look amazing during the shoot, because I already know you will!
  • I have mobility issues, but I would like an outdoor shoot. Is this possible?"
    Of course it is possible, we would just need to discuss what type of outdoor shoot you would like and how we can make the shoot as comfortably as possible for you. Where there is a will, there is a way!
  • I would like to book a couple's shoot, but my partnership is not traditional. Can I book a shoot?"
    I am open to any partnership you may have, all you need to do is let me know and we can work from there. Everyone is welcome here!
  • I would like to wear makeup for my shoot, but cannot apply it myself. What should I do?"
    I am happy to recommend some make up artists to you! Please let me know if you need assistance with this and I will put you in touch.
  • I have a baby or small child and am worried about them cooperating during my shoot. What should I do?
    The best thing to do for a baby or small child is make the shoot fun, so bringing some toys and comfort items to help them feel at home is always a plus. I am very patient with children, and more spontaneous, everyday life photos always come out best, rather than posed ones. Embrace where they are and enjoy the moment together. I promise to capture it all!
  • Can I get the RAW files after the photoshoot?
    I do not provide RAW files to customers, as my services include the photoshoot, as well as editing the photos.
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